Casino refers to an establishment which houses and enables gambling activities to be undertaken in its premises. They are normally built around hotels, shopping malls, and luxury cruise ships among other tourist eyeglasses. The foundation of the term ‘casino’ is pinned to the Italians; it was utilized to describe a business used to shelter delight activities. Casino buildings were used to hold civic functions such as dancing, listening to music and gambling.
The Copenhagen Casino was on the list of few casinos that have been not utilized for satisfying activities. It was used in 1845 Revolution to carry mass public parties; these get togethers made Denmark a constitutional monarchy. Others were utilised as city attractions such as the Hanko casino, in Hanko, Finland. The word is also used in the military context to describe an officer’s mess in the Spanish and German barracks.
The term casino pre-dates to the Chinese books of background and the practice is recorded in 2300BC but wagering is regarded as old as humanity itself. The first business was built-in Europe; Ridotto was a gambling house in Venice, Italy in 1638. It was used as a place played games of risk under a controlled environment during the carnival season. The casino was closed in 1770 because it was believed to impoverish to society values. In the Americas, early gambling houses were known as saloons. The popularity of the saloons can be linked to the cities of New Orleans, St. Louis, Chicago and San Francisco. In the saloons tourists got to meet people, merry with them and often gamble together. In early 20th century, gambling was outlawed by the states under the influence of social reformers. The law did not live for long because in 1931, the activity of gambling was legalized in lots of states such as; Nevada, Las Vegas, Reno and lastly New Jersey. The biggest casinos were established in those states. There are almost 900 of them in the US; more than 38 states have legalized them while other looking to follow the trend.
Customer and patriots of casinos take part in activities which entail gambling. They play games of chance; others are games of skill such as roulette, baccarat, craps, and blackjack and others. Winners are given a percentage known as pay-out. The results of casinos to society are highly in question making the legalisation process very difficult in some states. Some people feel that the economic gain of casino outweighing the social costs, the organization is a very profitable one. This will make the states which have legalized it to have large incomes from the activities. High rates of unemployment and budget cuts make many states to adopt the idea of legalizing the billion-dollar industry.
A lot of the casinos have diversified their income base to add social events such as stand-up comedy, concerts and sports activities. The casinos are slowly getting international tourists’ spectacles such as the Casino Estoril near Lisbon in Europe. They're slowly turning the pleasure industry upside-down to their favor as they are more popular worldwide.

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